Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions
1. The standard terms and condition (terms) apply to the purchaser of all goods and services supplied, quoted or described by Ausecom Technology Pty Ltd ABN 44 150 344 862 (supplier)
2. The terms may be amended by the supplier on notice to the purchaser in writing, the amended terms shall apply after such notice
3. The terms prevail over any purchaser terms and conditions
4. No changes are to be made on the terms unless agreed upon in writing and signed by an authorised representative of the supplier
5. Unless stated otherwise, all quotations are:
a. Valid for 30 days from the quoted date
b. Exclusive of GST and other taxes
c. Quoted in Australian Dollars
d. Confidential and must not be disclosed to any other unintended parties by the purchaser
e. Based upon the supplier’s understanding of the purchaser’s requirements. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify if quoted products will meet all of the purchaser’s requirements
f. Accepted by the purchaser after signed quotation, terms and conditions and 50% deposit has been received by the supplier
6. The supplier reserves the right to modify or withdraw the quotation prior to acceptance by the purchaser
7. Priced FOB Sydney, all costs and liability associated with transportation and delivery of all sales are the purchaser’s responsibility
8. Payments for all products are strictly cash on delivery (COD), unless otherwise specified in writing by an authorised representative of the supplier
9. Credit accounts must be approved in writing by an authorised representative of the supplier in which case the terms of the credit facility is applicable
10. 2.2% surcharge is applicable on all credit card payments unless otherwise specified
11. All goods remain the property of Ausecom and will not pass to the purchased until full payment has been received by the supplier
12. No claims will be recognised unless made within seven (7) days of delivery
13. The supplier warrants goods and workmanship are free from defects for a period of, unless otherwise specified:
a. 12 months from the delivery of goods for new products, back to base
b. 12 months from the date of completion for all installation or service related works
c. 3 months from the delivery of goods for any ex-demo or refurbished products, back to base
14. Extended warranty may be purchased or offered by the supplier in addition to the above specified periods
15. Warranty will be deemed void in the following circumstances:
a. Unauthorised tampering or modifications of hardware, fittings or programming of any supplied goods
b. Improper usage of any equipment outside of specified operating parameters
c. Full payment has not been received by the supplier
16. The purchaser will be liable for any improper claims for warranty including, but not limited to any direct and indirect costs of labour and hardware
17. All warranty claims must be supported by a valid invoice number, date of purchase and product serial number
Installations and Services
18. Unless otherwise specified, as required the purchaser is responsible for the provisioning and expenses of the following at the point of installation:
a. Mains power (240V AC)
b. Data points for Internet, LAN and telephone services
c. Sufficient space to place all supplied equipment
19. The purchaser is liable for any ongoing costs for associated services which may be required for our products, including but not limited to:
a. Internet services
b. Telephone services
c. Maintenance of related networks and operating requirements of supplied equipment
d. Painting, patching and finishing of fittings and equipment installed
20. All works are to be performed within normal working hours, unless agreed upon otherwise, surcharges may apply for any works outside of these hours
21. All works are to be performed in an asbestos free environment. The purchaser is liable for any costs and delay associated with removal thereof
22. Payment structure for all installation projects:
a. 50% of total price paid upfront
b. 30% after completion of all cabling
c. Remaining balance upon full completion
23. All orders are final and cannot be cancelled without the written consent of the supplier. Where the supplier does consent, the purchaser is liable to pay the supplier all costs incurred in relation to the supply of the order
24. Authorisation must be given by the supplier prior to return of any products, 20% restocking fee applies to all change of mind returns