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What is Hot Zone?

Time Managed Wireless Internet & Security System

With Hot Zone ‘your ‘ business can offer ‘your’ customers Time Managed Internet access to enjoy with any purchase. Increase ‘your’ Revenue by encouraging business professionals, students & technology savvy clients into your business over that of your competitors. Get Repeat Business through Hot Zone Unique Marketing features and also further protect your business with Hot Zones Free Security System.

Why is Hot Zone?

  • Free time-managed wireless Internet with every purchase
  • Get it today, mkaes money staight away with no money up front
  • Daily cost is as little as a couple of coffees
  • Installation with ongoing technical support
  • Burglar alarm 24/7 back to base feature is integrated


How does Hot Zone work?

Hot Zone works by connecting into your existing internet and with the push of a button from you or your staff… Hot Zone will print a set of instructions directing your client how to connect to the internet and giving them access to your internet service for a pre-programmed amount of time. Example: 15mins (peek times), 1hr (non-peek times) or 30mins (other times).

I don’t have Internet, can you organise for me?

Yes, we can organise a TPG Internet / Phone plans to suit your business.

How doese Hot Zone for my business?

Hot Zone works for your business by encouraging business professionals, students & technology savvy clients into your business over your competitors, while attracting their repeat business.

Can I do margeting with Hot Zone?

Yes, Hot Zone has also been designed as a marketing tool. You are able to print specials on Internet Connection Instructions, advertise competitions or even write a thank you message to your clients. In addition Hot Zone can set your business website as the first website your client visits. Other clients have asked us to link Hot Zone to their facebook page, feedback forms, surveys, etc to help them collect market research and assist with future marketing campaigns.

Hot Zone also comes with shopfront / window posters advertising that your business has internet access available.

Hot Zone Security?

Hot Zone comes with a Burglar Alarm to protect itself and your business. We also offer additional wireless sensors, panic buttons and reed switches to further protect your business.

How much does Hot Zone cost?

Hot Zone can cost from as little as a cup of coffee per day, we have 3 plans available plus additional security equipment. All plans are customised depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

I am selling my business; can I still get Hot Zone?

Yes!! As Hot Zone is rented by the business it remains the responsibly of the business to continue the agreement. In the same principle as the business store lease needs to be paid. Hot Zone can also assist in getting a higher sale price as it is known to increase revenue.

Can I purchase Hot Zone out right?

Hot Zone is unable to be purchased out right, as the hardware and software have been designed by Ausecom to meet the requirements of the industry. Hot Zone rental agreements make Hot Zone affordable and eliminate the additional fees relating to servicing, etc.

Hotzone vs WIFI

Hot Zone vs WiFi / HOT Spot

Hotzone Free Wireless Internet & Security Service

WiFi / Hot Spot

1 Individual Login with Every ticket printed. Cpmpletely safe and secure environment. Anyone can access WiFi when they have the login details even from your competitors across the road. So No Help to your business

2 Set usage times by you Untimed can be used all day, even next day

3 No free loaders Free loaders

4 Array of promotional abilities for your SPECIAL OFFERS etc. No promotions

5 Ample opportunities to make two or more sales per customer Little opportunity for repeat sales from customers

6 Can be linked to your own website from the Login page No redirection to your websites

7 It is your Marketing Tool to help your business No Help

8 Increase your business revenue – Money Back Guaranteed Nothing like that

9 Corporate Gateway (super high speed) Domestic style modem (very slow)

10 High speed, Bandwidth Speed is guaranteed for every customer Low speed when extra people use it

11 Longer wireless transmission distance Short wireless transmission distance

12 Fully secured Not secured

13 Automated ticket printed login details Have to tell your customers the login details

14 Ongoing Technical Support from Hotzone Nothing like that

15 Satisfaction Guaranteed Nothing like that

16 PROFESSIONAL 24/7 Back to base burglar alarm to protect your premise No burglar alarm

17 Will save you hundreds off your insurance premiums No burlar alarm

18 30% of the cost is contributed by ATO $0 is contributed by ATO

19 LATEST Digital Alarm System will be integrated into the HOTZONE system
So that you don’t need a phone line anymore fore Alarm Monitoring. This is a revolution for the Australian Security Industry.
Nothing like that

20 LATEST Digital Colour Camera will be integrated in the HOTZONE system
So that you can watch your premises from anywhere in the world without any extra cost!
Nothing like that

21 link your website to HOTZONE system and collect customer information to build your customer database. Then you may send your Special Offers whenever you like. HOTZONE system makes your shop unique and increases your revenue! Nothing like that
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    Ausecom Electronics provides leading IT and electronic security solutions for Australian businesses and homes.

    We have over 23 years’ experience in the industry and strive to deliver products and services of the highest quality.

    Our range of electronic security products and services:
    – CCTV (Full Digital IP Based and Analogue Systems)
    – Alarm Intrusion Systems
    – Intercoms
    – Security Access Control
    – 24/7/365 alarm and video monitoring

    We also provide a range of IT services:
    – Hotzone, our unique wireless Internet service for retail and hospitality industries
    – Business Telecommunications
    – Unified Communications
    – Voice over IP ( VoIP )
    – Mobility Solutions/Home Office
    – Carrier Services ( Local, Long Distance, Internet, Inter-Office, Intra-Office )
    – Data Networking
    – Voice Recording
    – HD Video Conferencing
    – Structured Voice, Data and Video Cabling
    – Voice Processing ( Voicemail )

    Our team of licensed security experts, service professionals and engineers ensure that all projects no matter the size or complexity are achievable whilst meeting the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

    Our office is situated in Ultimo putting us in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, allowing us to provide rapid response as well as excellent service to residential and commercial customers in and around central and metropolitan, Sydney.